Points of Views & Announcements during HUAWEI CONNECT 2016

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Miss the keynote speech and summits of HUAWEI CONECT 2016? Let’s rewind the points of view from the speakers of press conference (Huawei Enterprise Business), Safe City Summit, Global Financial Summit and Huawei Enterprise Partners Summit.

Keynote Speeches

The emergence of maturing digital technologies and increasing economies of scale is disrupting many industries around the world. Companies that embrace this disruption and adopt new ICT to drive digital transformation have the opportunity to gain a decisive competitive edge.

Huawei Enterprise Partners Summit

Speaking to a packed house, Mr. Ma welcomed partners and customers to the Huawei Enterprise Partner Summit in Shanghai. He highlighted Huawei’s growing partnerships and joint innovations and emphasized how these relationships improve revenue for all parties.

Mr.Yue _LN

During the Huawei Partner Summit , Zhou Ruili explained how Huawei’s EBG partner ecosystem provides an open, collaborative, Win-Win environment that provides tangible benefits for Solution Partners.

Zhou Ruili LN

Guan Han of Beijin Yusys Technologies said the jointed innovation and marketing with Huawei has realized business value.

Guan Han LN

John Rajchert of Honeywell explained the benefits of their partnership with Huawei during HUAWEI CONNECT 16.

John Rajchert LN

Brett Dixon of ESRI described his enthusiastic partnership with Huawei during HUAWEI CONNECT 16.

Brett Dixon LN

Press Conference of Huawei Enterprise Business

To accelerate enterprises in digital transformation, Huawei has established ten interconnected Open Labs around the world to facilitate fast dialogue around business models, market needs, and technology solutions in various markets.


Huawei published a new commissioned study conducted by Forrester. The paper indicates how enterprises leverage digital business ecosystems by making their technology capabilities more flexible with open APIs, faster innovation iteration, and cloud-enabled upplier ecosystems.

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Huawei and Accenture launched a SAP & Oracle Enterprise Private Cloud (EPC) solution based on Huawei’s cloud platform. The solution can help companies overcome challenges like data compatibility, enabling them to shift smoothly to the cloud and embrace new services and business models


Safe City Summit

Across the world, police and security agencies recognize that traditional analog security practices no longer meet the needs of modern cities. Khoo Boon Hui, past president of INTERPOL and Commissioner of the Singapore Police, shared his insights at the Global Safe City Summit


New technologies can deliver more efficient emergency services and faster threat response. IHS research has found that global investment in public security solutions exceeded US$5.5 billion, and that number will increase to US$8 billion by 2019.


Huawei’s ICP solution, launched at the Global Safe City Summit serves as the brain of the command center for police command, expert consultants, and even first responders in the field. Voice, video, and data transmissions can be directed to any user group or devices via software-defined networks (SDN).


Global Financial Summit

Powerful forces are reshaping the financial industry. Transformation is vital to remaining competitive but there are multiple challenges associated with making this a reality. Huawei recognizes customer needs as the primary force driving ICT deployment.

Diana Yuan _LN

Brett King, industry pioneer and author of the book BANK 3.0, gave the keynote address entitled “Winning strategies and key digital trends for Bank 3.0”.

King _LN

China Merchants Bank shares that impeccable security must be achieved through a combination of checks and processes. It also said that reliable, user-friendly cloud architecture demands both high quality physical infrastructure and highly available data architecture.

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Gao Xulei LN

Announcing a new innovation for the financial sector: the Mission Critical Cloud Solution, jointly developed by Huawei and Infosys. The best-in-class technology has been specifically designed to help financial institutions reduce operational IT costs, improve agility, and accelerate digitalization.


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