Active-Active Datacenter enables Bank Tranformation in New ICT era

2016/04/19 • Feature, Finance, New ICT • Views: 1025

Like most financial co-ops, the Shandong Rural Credit Cooperative provides financial services mostly to farmers, rural area businesses, and the agricultural industry.

They are a crucial part of China’s national financial sector and are growing fast. The co-op has 13 offices, 114 city-level and county-level authorized organizations, and more than 5,200 outlets that provide full financial services at all levels across Shandong province.

The credit co-op has many customers spread across a large area but, with only two data centers in nearby towns, their data center network could not keep up with the rate of data transmission. Management also worried about disaster recovery. They wanted to ensure system stability, fast recovery, and continued operation of key services that would minimize losses caused by disasters.

By tranforming the traditional supporting system to a productive system, Huawei helped the Shandong credit co-op devise a plan for two active-active data centers — operating as one — in two different cities, plus a third data center focused on disaster data recovery. The active-active data centers mainly transmit core and production services, and the third transmits management services and supports remote production disaster recovery at the nearby Huangdao Science and Technology Center. The co-op’s core network is connected to all three data centers:

Optical fibers interconnect the active-active data centers to provide a high-speed channel for service transmission and storage device access WAN leased lines connect city-level and county-level branch data centers, an active-active data center, and the Huangdao remote disaster recovery data center.

Huawei not only helped build the data center network, it also provided key components:

1. CE12800 data center switches are used as the active data centers’ LAN core and aggregation switches

2. The functional areas in the active data center are connected to the core switch area through multiple, bundled 40 GE high-speed links, creating a high-speed, non-blocking core network

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3. Redundant hardware components, multi-core CPU-based software platform, and Cluster Switching System technology fully ensure the entire network’s reliability

4. USG6600 series, 40 GE, high-performance firewall is deployed within a partition to prevent unauthorized access and ensure security

How the Shandong Rural Credit Cooperative got benefits

1. It accelerated the transformation and upgrade of its core banking system

2. Server clustering across data centers and synchronous data replication in real time created faster, more efficient operation

3. The resource pool architecture design increased network resource use

3. Development of new products and systems meet the operational and management requirements of modern commercial banks Improved financial services

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